Since our beginning in 1984 Orbital has grown into one of the UK's largest system integration organisations. We now handle hundreds of contracts ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to multi-million pound global projects on a regular basis. We are equipped to handle large scale projects and are able to acquire additional resources when necessary.

UK Facilities

Orbital is a provider of bespoke engineering solutions, as such we have the capabilities to provide systems which meet the needs of our clients. To provide our wide portfolio of products and solutions in the UK we have facilities such as:

  • State of the head office at Cold Meece, the site contains:
    • Engineering design offices
    • Production offices
    • Service Offices
    • Research and development offices
    • Theory training class rooms
    • 3 off Mechanical build workshops
    • 2 off Electrical build workshops
    • 2 off Service laboratories
    • 1 off Practical training workshop
    • 1 off R&D laboratory/workshop
    • 1 off Welding and fabrication workshop
    • 2 off FAT suits
    • 45,000sqf General manufacturing factory floor

Our UK offices can and do support projects globally, however Orbital also has other facilities globally to provide local support.

Research & Development

From its inception Orbital was determined to provide the reference standard in quality, accuracy, safety and durability for products and services in industry. To maintain this goal our design and R&D engineers regularly review our internal and industry standards, due to this Orbital have produced innovations which have redefined international standards. With this in mind Orbital continue to offer an R&D service which eliminates our client’s problems. If you have an issue you can’t solve our engineering team would be more than happy to discuss a possible solution, contact us.

Service and Support

Orbital offer a team of highly skilled service engineers who can provide support for various systems and equipment. For more information on our service department please see Service & Support.


Our knowledge of instruments and applications extends into a wide portfolio within the emissions & environmental, process & petrochemical, oil & gas and power and nuclear industries. For further information on the equipment, services and systems we provide please see our Products & Solutions.


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