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Founded in 1984, Orbital was formed to offer unique and comprehensive applications in the gas and oil industry. As it grew, our high standards demanded quality and innovation, which led to the adoption of new technologies and alternative marketplaces. This allowed us to form close relationships with some of the world's most influential instrumentation and technology companies, and to diversify into other industries including process, energy, environmental, petrochemical and safety.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, we have grown from a handful of engineers operating out of a small industrial unit into one of the UK's leading specialist gas engineering organisations. Our undertakings include large projects worth over £20m, national and international turnkey projects/contract managements and 24/7 technical and service support.

In 2013, Orbital became part of the CUI Global group of companies which has allowed us to expand further into an international organisation.

In 30 years, Orbital has grown from a handful of engineers to one of the UK's leading specialist gas engineering companies.

As well as our Central England head office, we currently have offices in Houston and Oregon, and representation in over 40 countries.

Orbital Timeline
Orbital Timeline


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