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Emission Monitoring-CEMS

What does Orbital offer?

Often, emission monitoring systems can be prone to faults, with unstable systems being built which allow particulates to be incorrectly filtered and high water vapour levels/corrosive components being left in the gas stream. This can not only damage the system, causing long term problems, but also create an unreliable sample.

At Orbital, we use our decades of experience to design and manufactures bespoke CEMS systems for a variety of sites. Getting the design correct and specific to each site's requirements is of utmost importance to provide an analysis system which is reliable, reduces the problems stated above, meets MCERTS standards and has excellent longevity and stability.

Why choose Orbital?

Orbital's bespoke CEMS systems are reliable, stable and always meet exacting standards.

Contact us today to see how our bespoke and professional service can benefit your site.

See below some applications we can help you with:

  • Power stations
  • Waste incineration (household and clinical)
  • Steel mills
  • Chemical industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Mining and smelting
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • LNG plants
  • Landfill sites
  • Crematoriums

Why Monitor Emissions?

There are a number of reasons why emissions monitoring is necessary, including the below:

Government Regulations

Put simply, if you don't accurately monitor your emissions, your site will not be allowed to run. MCERT regulations are in place and must be met, this includes regular inspections so accurate monitoring is imperative to allow the continuous running of the process/site.

Environmental Concerns

Many gases which are emitted as a byproduct of various processes are known as greenhouse gases, which studies have confirmed are damaging to the atmosphere and the environment. In order the control these unhealthy emissions, we must first be able to measure and monitor them so as to avoid unnecessary environmental damage.

Process Control

Monitoring emissions is an important way of ensuring that your process is still running efficiently and optimally. If there is a change  in emissions, this can be a signal that something is not running correctly. This can then be resolved quickly, preventing system breakage, keeping it running efficiently and therefore saving money.



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