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What is Orbital's solution?

The Orbital solution to odourise is to use a very precise injection system consisting of a calibrated verometer arrangement which feeds a highly accurate positive displacement injection pump. The pump injects odourant under pressure into the process flow. The amount of odourant injected is determined by the flow and pressure of the process (for the most safe and accurate odourisation), alternatively our system can inject at a manually set time interval. Given the importance of reliably odourising, consistency and uptime are key features in our system. This is catered for in our dual redundant system - the verometer and pump arrangement is duplicated and this duplicated system will automatically take over in the event of a malfunction. In addition, Orbital systems have remote diagnostics to allow service engineers to diagnose the system prior to any service visit.

Why choose Orbital?

Orbital has been delivering and maintaining safe and high quality odourisation systems for over 30 years.

Orbital has been a primary partner with YZ industries for 20 years and has deployed over 180 city gate odourisation stations. Our expertise in this safety critical technology is unparalleled as is our ability to design, build, install and maintain comprehensive odourisation solutions for project specific or national applications. Our odourisation systems are for gas or liquid applications featuring odour free operation available both in standardised and project specific design.

Some applications for our odourisation systems include:

  • Gas and liquid
  • Marine unloading and loading
  • Plant export
  • Truck loading
  • Network odourisation
  • And others
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