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Bio-methane to Grid

What does Orbital offer?

Orbital is not simply a systems integrator, we are a solutions provider. When you have a need for a Bio-methane to Grid system, our team of design engineers will work with you step by step to provide a solution catered to your needs. We can perform in house project management, design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning. With our wealth of experience and implementation of international design standards, we can offer all of the above or individual aspects to meet your specific application requirements.

Our Bio-Methane systems comply with all the required network entry standards, such as Ofgem and GS(M)R 1996. Within our Bio-Methane systems we offer the following;

  • Energy measurement - Compliant with Ofgem
  • Gas Quality measurements - Compliant with GS(M)R 1996
  • Fiscal Metering system
  • Pressure control including slamshut valve
  • Interface control rack / flow computation rack
  • Odourisation system
  • Bio-Methane recirculation facility
  • Reject gas pressure control
  • Orbital liquid propane injection system

Why Choose Orbital?

Orbital built the very first UK Bio-methane to Grid system and continues to lead this market for technology and quality.

In September 2010, Orbital installed the gas monitoring and treatment plant on the UK’s very first large scale bio methane production facility. This site was designed specifically for generating bio methane for injection into the existing gas network. The facility at Didcot, Oxfordshire, generates bio methane by the anaerobic digestion of waste from the on-site sewage plant. Since that first installation we have continued to supply Bio-methane to Grid systems for various producers all over the UK.

In addition to our work in the Bio-methane market, Orbital has been involved with gas quality measurement, fiscal metering and odourisation of natural gas streams for many years, all of which are vital activities to allow Bio-methane to enter the UK natural gas network.

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