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What is IRIS?

IRIS is a remote telemetry unit (RTU) which empowers the user with data. The IRIS system, once utilised, will provide control, monitoring and every detail about each physical device linked to it.

How does it work?

IRIS comprises two main elements:

The hardware - The IRIS rack itself is fully dual redundant, it has a PLC control system with various modules sized to the required I/O of the site or process, for both safe and hazardous areas. This unique PLC system connects the real world to IRIS's virtual world.

The software -The IRIS software is unique, in that it is a non licenced, web based software for interrogation and communication to the IRIS hardware. This means that so long as a user has a computer with a web browser, anyone with the right permissions can access, monitor and even control the IRIS system and all devices connected to it.

It can be accessed and configured from most internet browsers, allowing swift data access, retrieval, analysis and easy fault reporting. On the site, the user has easy access via a touchscreen interface to all the local data. Everything the user needs - from drawings, manuals and data sheets of any specific instrument connected to the IRIS system, or that of the IRIS system itself - is imbedded within IRIS and accessed by app style buttons.

Why choose IRIS?

IRIS allows any user from anywhere in the world to easily monitor and control their assets.

IRIS has specifically been designed to offer improvement in efficiency, reduce operating costs, enhance stability, heighten security and most importantly - improve the interface between sites, control room and operatives at all levels and locations. See below just some of the great features of the IRIS system.

  • Easy to use app driven software
  • Licence free web based software
  • Redundant hardware and operating system
  • Low maintenance
  • Faulty operating parts can be hot swapped with zero set up
  • Extensive diagnostic tools
  • Large storage capacity of data for equipment connected to IRIS and of the site/process (e.g. manuals, data sheets, drawings can be accessed via IRIS)
  • Highly secure
  • Secure log in with user permissions
  • Users can access any of their IRIS systems globally via web browser

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