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Metering Systems

What does Orbital offer?

Orbital is not simply a systems integrator, we are a solutions provider. When you have a need for a metering system, our team of design engineers will work with you step by step to provide a solution catered to your needs. We can perform in house project management, design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning. With our wealth of experience and implementation of international design standards, we can offer all of the above or individual aspects to meet your specific application requirements.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer metering systems from 2" to 48" and above. Not only can we offer the metering system itself, but also provide a metering package including analysis, sampling (see our VE Sample Systems and VE Thermowells) and supervisory and control.

Why Choose Orbital?

Orbital's knowledge, understanding and experience of various demanding applications always leads to producing systems which are comprehensive, durable and highly accurate.

We have successfully completed projects ranging from small upgrades on existing metering systems to projects in excess of £10m, upgrading and installing new systems on a national and global scale. We have worked with most meter types and major manufacturers and our technology partners include some of the most recognised and trusted names in metering.

We can take you from concept to project completion in a prompt and efficient manner by using our patented and unique solutions which resolve common energy metering problems.

See below some applications we can help you with:

  • Onshore fiscal metering
  • Offshore fiscal metering
  • Liquid metering (e.g. LPG, Liquid Probe, LNG)
  • Gas metering (e.g. Natural Gas and other fluids)
  • Process control
  • Safe and hazardous areas

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