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VE Sample Systems

What is it?

VE Technology has been developed to create a sampling system which simply does the job better than ever before. The system can deliver the steps for sampling faster, more simply and more efficiently. There are three modular sampling components which can be configured to meet almost any customer analytical and spatial requirements:

  1. VE Fixed or Retractable Sample Probe
  2. VE Conditioning Unit
  3. VE Analyser Interface Module

How does it work?

Before now, sampling probes have been notorious for allowing particulates into the inlet, blocking the bore which then meant it needed to be larger to compensate. The VE probe allows us to take a very small sample as its hemispherical tip is designed to actively reject particulates . This means that a 2mm ID can be used all the way through the system, speeding up the time the sample takes to reach the analyser. The VE Conditioning Unit then heats the sample to keep it in gas form, then the pressure drop is conducted on the way out of the VECU using a critical orifice.

Why choose VE?

The engineered tip means a smaller sample is taken, which speeds up the process and reduces wastage. This also means that the sample is more accurate and reduces cost. The components can be configured by our experienced engineers to meet almost every site requirement in a simple and cost effective way.

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