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What is a VE Thermowell and why is it needed?

VE Technology is an innovative solution to many of the common issues encountered by traditional thermowells. The problem of vortex induced failure is traditionally solved by structurally reinforcing the thermowell body, this method actually exacerbates the issue and transfers the stress to the mounting point which can cause even more of a problem (e.g. fatigue, stress and cracking of the pipeline wall). A new solution was needed which could tackle the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom. To offer a true solution, Orbital developed VE Technology thermowells.

How does it work?

The VE Thermowell has a radical new design to give the best ever safety and performance. We machine a helical strake into the body of our probes, this design has been meticulously researched and calculated to eliminate all vortex induced vibration.

Why choose VE Technology?

The VE Thermowell is the answer to making process temperature measurement safe and accurate.

  • No longer do you need to make extensive wake calculations to be confident your equipment is safe from vortex induced vibrations. (ASME PTC19.3 no longer required!)
  • No longer is there a concern about thermowell failure or, worse still, a major pipeline failure caused by poor thermowell design.
  • Because the helical strake eliminates the vortex effect, we can reduce the wall thickness of our thermowells. This means there is less thermal mass in our thermowells which results in a much faster and accurate temperature response.
  • VE Thermowells are also machined with an aerodynamic tip which minimises flow disturbance.
  • We can offer practically any kind of connection, material and size.

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